Studio Haim Dotan

Haim Dotan Architects focuses on innovative cutting-edge architecture & urban design, research and construction. The firm designs public and private projects in Asia, the Persian Gulf, Africa, Israel & Europe. Haim Dotan is an architectural pioneer in developing construction techniques for residential, commercial, industrial, educational and public institutions. In his projects, Architect Dotan creates a new language in the global architectural landscape.


In 2008 Haim Dotan won the Israel Foreign Ministry DBOT Tender as the developer, contractor and architect of the Israel Pavilion in EXPO 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai, China.


In 2007 Haim Dotan was nominated for the Israel Prize in Architecture. The firm has won numerous competitions and awards.


In 2006 Haim Dotan was the recipient of the Israeli Building Construction Center Award for “New Architectural Language in Israel through 17 years of Development and Improvement of New Building Technologies”.





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Music & Dance Hall 2013, SIVA Shanghai Institute
of Visual Art, Songjiang 

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

Senior Citizen Happy Homes 2014, Zhangjiajie

Hefei 53 Degree Liquor Plaza
Competition 2013
Chengdu Scientific Incubation
Park of the Internet Things

Fujian Buddha Commercial
Center 2013, Fujian

FuJian QuanZhou Conference Center 2013,
Quanzhou Fujian
Liangjiang Industrial Park
Gateway Design
Liangjiang Gateway Design China Pavilion in EXPO 2015
Milano Competition

Master Plan Nanjing China

Chongqing Exehbition Center




Aora Solar Tower

Performing Arts Center Rehovot Israel The Azriely Institute For Educational Enrichment Beer Sheva Israel Lake View Hotel U.A.E
Atlantis Residents Eilat Israel Atlantis Residents Eilat Israel Minkof Auditorium Shamoon Kollege Of Engineer Beer Sheva Israel Lagera Mixed Use Towers Sofia Bulgaria